No One Is Buying Rudy Giuliani And His Son’s Solution To ‘Harden’ Schools To Prevent More Shootings

Like comically inept father, like super creepy son.

Andrew Giuliani is running for governor of New York, and on a recent episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast, his sweaty pops, Rudy, shared his red-faced offspring’s solution for “fixing” America’s gun violence crisis. The solution: more guns.

“Andrew will harden the schools. He’s gonna make sure our schools are protected, like I did. When I first came into office, I put cops in every classroom. The Board of Education said that I couldn’t do it, they ran the schools, and I said I run law enforcement, so keep your damn mouths shut. The cops are going in there. Who’s going to stop them?” Giuliani boasted, conveniently leaving out the part where the cops failed to stop the guy with the gun in Uvalde, Texas (and so many other school shootings before it).

Most of the replies to the clip, shared by @RonFilipkowski, are questioning Rudy’s claim about putting cops in “every classroom” in New York City. “I was in NYC public schools when this man was mayor and there were exactly zero cops in every classroom. Time to put him back in his cave,” @People4Words tweeted, while @Cosette2016 added, “THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN. Holy crap this guy is off his f*cking rocker.” Here’s more:

Giuliani’s transformation from “gun scourge to gun nut” says so much about the modern GOP.