A Red-Faced Andrew Giuliani Was So Mad About His Daddy Being Disbarred That He Pulled Over On The Side Of A Freeway To Record A Rant To Post

Andrew Giuliani is really upset, you guys, so he filmed a video on the side of a noisy highway to show it.

Giuliani, who’s making a gubernatorial run right now, took to social media to vent his frustrations over the news that his dad, Rudy Giuliani, had his license to practice law suspended earlier in the day. An hour or so before Giuliani’s post, New York’s 1st Court Appeals ruled that Rudy Giuliani “made demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers and the public at large in his capacity as lawyer for former President Donald J. Trump.” The court determined that the senior Guiliani’s conduct following the 2020 President Election demonstrated an “immediate threat to the public,” hence the suspension.

While his team fights the decision in court, his son decided to try a different — more bizarre — route: a poorly shot video in a random parking lot. Giuliani channeled a bit of his pops to record his minute-long rant about the court’s decision. First, he named all of the judges involved in the proceedings before revealing they were all Democrats which, obviously means that this whole thing was an attack plotted by the liberal elite to oust his father and insult Trump, supporters.

It’s difficult to understand all of what Giuliani is getting at in the video clip because a.) he’s a stuttering rage ball who couldn’t find the point of his own argument if you drew him a map, and b.) because the framing and noisy background of the thing is just so damn distracting. But really, isn’t the most important part of this thing the Twitter reactions to it?

Look, if Andrew Giuliani is trying to one-up his dad’s Four Seasons Total Landscaping presser — then, well, this whole thing has been a massive success.