Rudy Giuliani’s Son Is A Will Ferrell Character Come To Life In His Bizarrely Intense New York Governor Campaign Ad

Like sweaty father, like weirdly intense son.

Rudy Giuliani’s offspring, Andrew, is running for governor for New York in an attempt to unseat Andrew Cuomo, despite being dubbed the “failson-in-chief” and never holding elected office (“Golf” is listed higher than “Political Career” on his Wikipedia). His credentials include serving as Donald Trump’s special assistant in the White House and his “five decades in politics” (he’s 35 years old).

“It’s time for change, like my parents before me. New York is in my blood. I’ve been raised from New York. I know who we are, what we can be and where we need to go,” Giuliani said in his first campaign video. “It’s time to stand and honor the great heroes of New York. The greatest chapters of New York are yet to be written. And as your governor, let’s write the greatest comeback story ever. It’s time to bring back New York.”

Giuliani is trying to be inspiring — so why does he look so angry in the video?

At least there’s no mysterious black ooze pouring down his face. Anyway, it’s probably not a great sign for Giuliani’s political ambitions that everyone’s first thought after seeing… whatever that was… is, “Is that Will Ferrell?”

It’s easy to laugh at Andrew Giuliani (I’m doing it right now!), but as John Oliver pointed out during Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight, we can’t entirely dismiss him. “Yes, Andrew Giuliani is ridiculous. All these candidates are ridiculous. But if the last years have taught us anything, it’s that ridiculous people can end up getting elected,” he said.