Watch Rudy Giuliani Ask A Woman Sitting Next To Him To Remove Her Mask, Days Before Testing Positive For Covid-19

It’s no surprise that Rudy Giuliani, who has been on a whirlwind Trump campaign “Strike Force” tour, tested positive for the coronavirus. However, the timing of said positive status is somewhat surprising, given that it’s going down two weeks after his hair-dye meltdown at an event where his son, Andrew, attended and tested positive the next day. Nonetheless, it turns out that Giuliani really is positive now, and no one knows when he was infected, but there’s a good chance that he was exposed (and possibly contagious) during a public hearing in Michigan. This would be the same “election fraud” hearing in which he apparently passed gas, and it’s also the same one where a wild wine lady made it even weirder. It’s all a blur, right?

At this Michigan hearing, Rudy asked a witness (who was sitting next to him) to remove her mask. Here’s a video clip, courtesy of Fox 17’s Aaron Parseghian on Twitter. Rudy asks the woman if she would be “comfortable” removing her mask while testifying, “so that people could hear you more clearly.” Spoiler alert: she was not comfortable doing so and pushed back.

As The Independent reveals, this woman has been identified as Jessy Jacob, a city clerk’s office worker. Jessy was Giuliani’s first witness at the hearing, which was jam-packed at the Anderson House Office Building (a state government building, unlike the Hyatt venue of last week’s Arizona hearing) in Lansing, Michigan. Rudy spoke at this hearing for over three hours while, you know, not wearing a freaking mask.

(Via Aaron Parseghian on Twitter & The Independent)