Rudy Giuliani Possibly Passing Gas During A Public Hearing Is The Subject Of Hot Debate

2020 turned out to be a real doozy. That’s the understatement of the year, but over the past few months, we’ve at least been able to find entertainment in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm star Rudy Giuliani. He’s the guy who held a Trump campaign shoutfest at a landscaping company (sandwiched in between a morgue and a sex shop). He’s the guy who did a terrible Joe Pesci imitation during a press conference while hair dye dripped down his face. And he’s the guy who might have farted (while sitting to fellow Trump attorney Jenna Ellis) during a public hearing, in which the Trump Campaign “Strike Force” attempted to convince Michigan lawmakers of (nonexistent) voter fraud.

Did Rudy rip one whole ripping lies as well? Witness Exhibit A.

Actually, that’s the only piece of evidence up for grabs. It’s not airtight (pun intended), obviously, and there’s always room for manipulation. Still, Rudy seems like a guy who’d get so wound up during an argument that he’d unintentionally pass gas, and this has become a subject of intense debate on Twitter. “Odor in the court!” is a thing.

Of course, this is the Internet, so we have to ask, “Is this real?”

Huffington Post’s Ryan J. Reilly is vouching for this unedited proof that, yep, Rudy did it. Jenna definitely noticed something, right? And she wasn’t wearing a mask.

Should we really be surprised? Seems like a logical step for the character formerly known as America’s Mayor.

Looks like Rudy’s got new nicknames now, at least.

Finally, we’ve got an auto-tuned version from the Gregory Brothers. “[T]hey said we wouldn’t auto-tune the Giuliani fart,” they wrote. “[T]hey said we COULDN’T auto-tune the Giuliani fart. but with great power comes great responsibility.” They said it.