Rudy Giuliani Got Duped Into Making A Video On Cameo That Basically Trashes His Own Client

Rudy Giuliani only started making Cameo videos a few weeks ago, and already, this latest money-making scheme is biting him in the rear. For a set fee, Giuliani will record a personalized message, which is already a recipe for disaster without factoring in his alleged fondness for an after-dinner drink or two. It also doesn’t help that Giuliani has become a not-so-in-demand attorney, which was fully evidenced by this latest catastrophe.

In a nutshell, Giuliani recently recorded a 52 second Cameo message praising a team of journalists and activists who have diligently reported or campaigned against the energy firm Derwick Associates. There’s just one small problem, Derwick was founded by Alejandro Betancourt, who is one of Giuliani’s clients. As if that wasn’t a big enough self-own, Giuliani was completely oblivious to the damage he was doing to his own client and actually gushed about the message he just delivered. Via Intelligencer:

“Well, that’s a nice thing!” Giuliani adds. “I really wish somebody would send me a message like that! I think you can be very, very proud of it. It sounds like it comes from the heart, and it comes from having done very hard work. I wish I knew more about it, I could say more, but that’s the message they gave me to deliver to you. And, again, I congratulate you on having done such fine work for the people that appreciate you so much!”

According to Intelligencer, Giuliani did not respond to multiple requests about whether or not he has any sort of screening process for his Cameo messages. Although, his 22-year-old spokesperson/Instagram influencer Christianné Allen recently quit, and he only just found a replacement who used to work for… Hooters of Long Island. Maybe give Rudy a minute.

(Via Intelligencer)