Rudy Giuliani, With Legal Troubles Mounting, Hires A New Spokesman Who Has Worked With The Lohan Family And Hooters Of Long Island

The job description for a communications director includes “traveling to industry conferences to represent the organization” and “handling media relations, such as scheduling public interviews with company executives.” Considering the last two times we checked in on Rudy Giuliani, he was shaving in an airport lounge (“traveling”) and claiming in a bizarre interview that he’s not an alcoholic (“handling media relations”), I’m beginning to understand why Christianné Allen has resigned from the job.

The 20-something “conservative activist” with a “thin resume” and an “inflated biography,” as Politico called her, stepped down from her role as director of communications at Giuliani Communications LLC. That’s according to the Daily Beast, which notes that Allen (a “MAGA influencer” who poses with semiautomatic rifles) has been replaced by Todd Shapiro, a “former spokesperson for Lindsay Lohan’s family who also claims to have represented Trump properties [and] Hooters of Long Island and New Jersey.”

Hooters of Long Island and New Jersey? No one man should have all that power. (Shapiro’s full list of clients can be found on his outdated website.)

“As I reflect, I am proud of the accomplishments we achieved. One of which was building Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense podcast from conception to one of the top political podcasts in the country in under a year,” Allen said in a statement. Recent episodes include “Biden Endangers and Dishonors America, He MUST RESIGN” and “RUDY’S ALERT: 13 Christians Killed Every Day In The World Because Of Their Faith.” Allen was right to jump ship before whatever episode Rudy has planned for the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

(Via the Daily Beast)