Rudy Giuliani Had A ‘Conversation With Jesus’ Rather Than See A Doctor Over Heart Problems (That He Blames On The Guy Who Slapped Him)

Few are as prolific in their creative weirdness than Rudy Giuliani. When he’s not farting on fellow Trump lawyers, he’s accidentally incriminating himself or claiming, unconvincingly, that he wasn’t hammered on Election Night 2020. Now here’s another strange confession: He says he waited three weeks to check up on heart issues after checking in with the Nazarene.

The very former America’s Mayor went on War Room, Steve Bannon’s semi-seditious podcast, and when asked about his health, he had one hell of an answer. Giuliani said he’d been having breathing problems, which he predictably blamed on the guy who lightly slapped him on the back in a Staten Island supermarket. He admitted he didn’t get it checked out for three whole weeks, which prompted Bannon to ask why on earth he would do that, especially at his age.

“The answer is my son was running,” Giuliani replied, referring to his son’s failed gubernatorial campaign. “I made a calculated decision. Really, I had a conversation with Jesus about it. Seriously! I made a calculated decision. I said, ‘Give me three more weeks.’ And thank God he did.”

So thanks to the son of God, Rudy Giuliani was able to stick around to watch his son embarrass himself further, so clearly, it was all worth it. Jesus really is just alright.

(Via Raw Story)