‘The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Got Blunt About The Rudy Giuliani Allegations: ‘It’s Very Hard To Fight A Tape’

The View went to town on a new lawsuit that accuses former Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani of a laundry list of sexual harassment allegations. The suit was filed by former Giuliani staffer Noelle Dunphy, who reportedly taped several interactions with Giuliani while he was frequently drunk and/or loaded with Viagra, prompting him to demand sexual favors. On top of the recordings, Dunphy also had access to Giuliani’s emails.

“She has 23,000 of his emails that he gave her his password. Really not that smart, Rudy!” Joy Behar quipped. “He let her follow him around and videotape everything that he was saying. She has the receipts!”

“When you read about the sexual acts he was doing, you won’t believe how stupid he is” Behar added before turning things over to rest of the panel, who also marveled at the brazenness of Giuliani’s alleged behavior. Former Trump staffer Alyssa Farah Griffin, who has spoken about the former president’s treatment of women, was particularly disturbed.

Via Raw Story:

“This makes me sad because there was a time when Rudy Giuliani was America’s mayor. On the Republican side, he tried to reunite the country after 9/11. He raised $216 million with the Twin Tower Fund. He was someone that, at one point, he was esteemed, but things have dipped in the last few decades. By the way, this stuff never happens in a vacuum. If he was doing it now, he was probably doing it then. Where’s his family? Why aren’t his kids, like, hey, father?”

After Sunny Hostin fulfilled the show’s legal obligation to note that Giuliani denies the accusations, Whoopi Goldberg put the situation bluntly.

“Well, ya know, it’s very hard to fight a tape,” Goldberg said. “It’s very hard to fight a tape. But I see people trying all the time so, it’ll be interesting television!”

(Via Raw Story)