Hot Ghoul Summer?! 91-Year-Old Fox News Boss Man Rupert Murdoch Is Divorcing His 4th Wife, Jerry Hall (Yes, Mick Jagger’s Ex Married Rupert Murdoch)

One of the most high-profile marriages in the world is reportedly coming to an end: Sources tell The New York Times that, after seven years, News Corp honcho Rupert Murdoch is filing for divorce from Jerry Hall, the model and actress who spent over 20 years in a long-term relationship with Mick Jagger. It will be Hall’s first divorce. For Murdoch, it will be his fourth.

Details are still thin on the ground, though some close to Hall expressed surprise at the end of their marriage. What’s up in the air is how a divorce will affect Murdoch’s media empire. NYT notes that it’s “unlikely” to change the structure of the businesses in which he has a stake, including Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. But, they speculate, the split “could reverberate throughout his business empire” in some fashion.

The October-December pairing — Hall is currently 65 while Murdoch is 91 — turned a lot of heads at the time. (Though it’s worth noting Hall’s ex Jagger, 78, is in a long-term relationship with a woman in her mid-30s, meaning his relationship has over a decade on Murdoch and Hall’s.) There was lots of head-turning when news of their divorce went public, including lots of jokes.

Some noted that there sure are a lot of divorces amongst conservatives like Murdoch, who peddle traditional family values to their audience.

Murdoch and Hall were married in 2016, and at the time Murdoch was so elated that he vowed to devote less time to work and more time to his fourth wife. He went so far as to tweet that he was considering quitting Twitter, which he joined in 2012. “No more tweets for ten days or ever!” he wrote the day of his wedding. “Feel like the luckiest AND happiest man in world.”

Well, guess what? As of this writing, that remains his last tweet. Whereas most people who dramatically announce they’re quitting Twitter, like Chrissy Teigen (who, granted, hasn’t posted since April), tend to last about two hours, the guy who runs a company that peddles vaccine misinformation stuck to his guns. Good for him. Of course, let’s see if he returns now that he’ll have more free time.

(Via NYT)