Well, At Least Russian State TV Is Excited About The Wacky Far Right Movie ‘My Son Hunter,’ Which They Think Will Get Trump Back In Office

The fall movie season is upon us, meaning lots of Oscar talk and Oscar bait and serious movies meant to ease moviegoers off brainless summer fare. And then there’s My Son Hunter. Distributed by the dodgy far right outlet Breitbart, it’s an almost certainly questionable look at the president’s son, who has long been a scourge of the GOP, despite not being an elected official. Itsa ridiculous trailer, which makes it look like an Asylum version of The Wolf of Wall Street, was met with heaps of derision. But at least it has some fans: Russian propagandists.

As per The Daily Beast, Russian state media has gone all-in on the movie, which stars fallen Mandalorian supporting player Gina Carano and was directed by a Bond villain. On the aggressor nation’s version of 60 Minutes, host Evgeny Popov breathless hyped the trailer, and hoped that it would do more than simply make a lot of money.

“We’re waiting for the premiere and hoping for a big success in the United States, to bring our beloved Trump back into power,” Popov told viewers.

Will the movie — which looks like it dramatizes claims of dubious veracity, and which depicts Joe Biden (played by former Dynasty star John James) as a menacing mob-like figure who worries about his son’s laptop ruining his “erection” — set the American box office ablaze? Or will it merely scrape together a couple bucks, like a thoroughly discredited Dinesh D’Souza “documentary”? Or will it do what the potentially, finally doomed Trump wants and somehow reinstate him in the White House?

Whatever happens, it’s yet another case of Russia using far right media to attack America. First they used Tucker Carlson, now they’re seizing upon a movie that some critics say accidentally makes Hunter Biden look really cool.