Leaked Audio Footage Reveals How Russian Troops, Fed Up With Putin’s War, Nearly Blew Up Their General

Vladimir Putin’s imperialistic war on Ukraine isn’t going as planned, all after he thought that Russian troops could immediately descend and swiftly rise victorious. Instead, molotov cocktail-wielding grandmas have illustrated the will of the Ukrainian people, as has President Volodymyr Zelensky’s refusal to be airlifted out. Months later (and with massive loss of life on both ends), Putin has fired over 100 FSB Secret Agents over his embarrassment, and reports indicate that Putin’s inner circle is maneuvering to install a successor in light of the ongoing disastrous, dismal conflict.

As for the Russian troops, many of them weren’t even aware of formal directions or why they were sent to impose Putin’s will upon the Ukraine people. It’s a move that has left the Russian people in economic tatters due to near-global sanctions, and Business Insider now points toward a phone call, reportedly between a Russian soldier and his wife. The audio was published on YouTube by Ukraine’s Secret Services and translated by Business Insider. Here’s how the soldier narrated the near-debacle on the battle field when the battery declined to follow an order from Gen. Valeriy Solodchuk:

“Almost all of our battery refused. He [Solodchuk] started waving his gun and shooting … He says ‘I’ll whack you if you don’t f*cking go there! …’,” the man says in the recording.

“Then, a kid says to him: ‘Go ahead, whack!’ F*ck, he pulled out a grenade, pulled a pin and says: ‘Come on, shoot me! We’ll blow up together.’ That’s it. The special forces guys also started pointing their guns at us. So, we pointed our guns at them.”

“In short, we almost shot each other, for f*ck’s sake. He got on his bobik [a type of Russian Jeep] and left,” the voice said.

The frustrated soldier then added, “Our brigade can’t capture anything because there’s f*cking nothing left of it.”

It’s certainly a sobering reminder of how Putin’s ego pushed him to launch a war that his army wasn’t prepared for, nor do some of them appear to be onboard at this point. And the resulting clash has not only left Putin without his Botox supply, but also with a failed silly parade to celebrate a victory that hasn’t happened in Ukraine.

You can listen to the non-translated audio footage above.

(Via Business Insider)