Still-Kooky Sarah Palin Is Threatening To Run For Office Again Because She Has ‘A Service Heart’

In an oddly-filtered appearance on Newsmax (seriously, what’s going with her side of the screen?), Sarah Palin told anchor Eric Bolling that she’s eyeing up another run for office. Palin rocketed to national prominence in 2008 when John McCain chose her to be his vice-presidential candidate in a shocking Hail Mary maneuver that did not seal the deal in his race against Barack Obama. After getting a taste of the public limelight, Palin stepped down as the Governor of Alaska with a year still left on her first term. She then pursued a life of reality television fame and appearing at rallies as needed. But, now, she’s open to doing this whole politics thing again!

While talking to Bolling on Wednesday, Palin expressed her interest in getting back into public service because of her “service heart.”

Via Mediaite:

“I would love to,” Palin replied. “I would never say never… I feel like there are still some offerings that I have in terms of a service heart. I want to serve. I want to help the people. And I think I have a heck of a lot of common sense, and that’s what we need today. And I’m not so obsessively partisan that I let that get in the way of doing what’s right for the people.”

As for what the heck a “service heart” means, in true Palin form, she might be playing off a popular evangelical saying of having a “servant’s heart” like Jesus in the scriptures. However, at this stage in the Republican Party, being a Looney Tune is actually a plus. Palin paved the way for characters like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, so who can blame the former Alaskan governor for wanting to get back in on the action. She practically invented the genre.

(Via Mediaite)