Even Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Is Torching Jeff Bezos For Taking A Space Joyride After Amazon Employees Died In A Tornado

The deadly weekend tornados devastated Kentucky (and several other states) with a death toll of 74 and counting in Sen. Rand Paul’s state. He got dragged for his request for federal relief after repeatedly voting against other state’s relief bills. A lot of criticism is going the way of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, too, given that six workers died at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois with employees revealing that little-to-no disaster training took place at the massive facility.

It’s not looking good overall for the Bezos look in response to the late-night Friday catastrophe. One Amazon worker (who perished) reportedly texted his girlfriend to relay how they weren’t allowed to leave the warehouse (to shelter at home), which is tragic, considering that their home didn’t see violent weather at all. And on Saturday morning, Jeff Bezos continued his quest to be king of space. He did not cancel his latest Blue Origin joyride, and in fact, he popped onto ABC News to talk about throwing a football around in space, so it will go “straight to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

The social media response to this ABC News tweet was a telling one, and even Newsmax’s Greg Kelly called out the billionaire retailer for feeding his space-junkie tendencies in the midst of a tragedy. Via Mediaite:

“Amazon, the company had a major warehouse that was destroyed in all of this,” said the Newsmax host, while noting six employees died. “And here’s something that is really, really infuriating… the next day, went ahead with that stupid stunt, glorified bottle rocket, roller coaster, slingshot into space.”

He added, “[H]e lost six of his employees – the people who made him rich – and here’s Michael Strahan who went up for who knows what reason, coming back, hugging Jeff and his girlfriend, a ridiculous display.”

Meanwhile, Kelly was not alone in his sentiments. Regardless of political affiliation, a whole lot of people weren’t thrilled about Bezos declining to pause space business as usual. In response to Bezos’ “thoughts and prayers’ tweet on the subject (made hours after his space launch), people pushed back.

(Via Mediaite)