Stans Are ‘Obsessed’ With Sebastian Stan Punching Pete Davidson In The New ‘Bupkis’ Trailer From Peacock

Pete Davidson, who has gone on record to say that people’s obsession with his dating life is bizarre, is kind-of infamously obsessed with Sebastian Stan. He is not alone, judging from the Internet response that I observed for this Stan interview, but it’s still fascinating that Pete claims to be a Stan.

Hang tight because there’s background here. In 2022, Pete rejoined Instagram (he has since departed the platform again) and, as TODAY noted, he only followed two people: Sebastian Stan and Kim Kardashian. And during a discussion with Interview Magazine, the publication declared him to be totally “obsessed” with Sebastian, due to multiple answers from the ex-SNL star:

INTERVIEW: Who are you watching?

DAVIDSON: Sebastian Stan.

INTERVIEW: Who do you stalk?

DAVIDSON: Sebastian Stan.

And later:

INTERVIEW: Do you ever feel like you’re being surveilled?

DAVIDSON: Constantly.

INTERVIEW: Who do you follow?

DAVIDSON: Sebastian Stan.

So, it is of interest when Pete — after talking about his legendary “BDE” with Charlamagne tha God on The Breakfast Club — previewed the latest trailer for his semi-autobiographical Peacock series, Bupkis. If you watch the trailer (after the 8:00 mark here), it’s themed with everyone trashing Pete. Then right before the 9:00 mark, Stan punches Pete in a coffee shop.

No one knows why, which is part of the fun here. Pete is getting what he wants, maybe? That’s sheer speculation on my behalf because who knows if he’s into that sort of thing. No judgment if so! One thing is clear from the responses on Twitter, though. This Stan-Davidson interaction is very “satisfying” to watch.

Bupkis (presumably including more of this scene) premieres on May 4.