Everyone Has An Opinion About The News That ‘Spider-Man’ Is Leaving The MCU


Now that the news has been confirmed, everyone is trying to come to terms with the news that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies may no longer be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward. That’s because, per Deadline‘s original report and The Hollywood Reporter‘s subsequent confirmation, the carefully negotiated deal between Marvel Studios and Sony is no more. The former’s parent company, Disney, wanted a bigger share of the successful franchise’s box office profits and the latter said no.

On the one hand, that’s what Marvel gets for selling off so many licensing deals for its catalog of characters several decades ago. On the other hand, the MCU already contained an increasing wealth of characters and stories before Peter Parker’s arrival in Captain America: Civil War, and thanks to Disney’s recent Fox acquisition, it’s likely going to include even more from the annals of the X-Men and Fantastic Four properties. But don’t try explaining the ins and outs of these matters to the Marvel stans on Twitter, because they are impressively unhappy right now.



Like, they are very unhappy with the news.


Though not everyone was distraught about the news. Not because they were elated by it, per se, but because this is Twitter. Anything and everything goes, especially when it comes to billion-dollar franchises and the billion-dollar companies that fight over them.