Steve Bannon Got Compared To A Peanuts Character In A (Mock) Courtroom Sketch Addition, And People Are Outraged

Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is spending his week tying up legal system resources in a case that his own podcast guests see no hope of him winning. That would be the contempt charges for his refusal to testify for the Jan. 6 committee, and given that he did, in fact, refuse to testify upon subpoena, it sure seems like a cut-and-dried case. Leaked audio of Bannon’s maneuvering doesn’t help matters for Congress’ actual proceedings either for the alleged “coup plotter,” but at the moment, people are very outraged about a comparison that’s surfaced in what appears to be a courtroom sketch.

There’s no verification on precisely what evil has transpired, but what’s outraging people is an addition (to the sketch) that compares Bannon’s physical appearance to that of a beloved Peanuts comic strip character. All of this is happening after Bannon actually attempted to clean up a bit ^^ for court after previously growing upset at how people believe that he resembles a “deranged incel.” With that said, here’s that “courtroom sketch” as tweeted by meme-mischief king Paul Leigh. It’s Pigpen!

The image (which appears to be gleaned from the work of artist Bill Hennessey, whose sketches so far can be viewed at CNN) purports to be Bannon’s appearance in open court, although jury selection’s currently ongoing.

The reactions came fast and fierce, led by Mark Hamill, who declared “This is SO unfair to Pigpen.”

From there, the outraged responses continued, including people who lamented the injustice of Pigpen being compared to a megalomaniacal podcaster who pushed to overthrow the U.S. government. Pigpen would never.

And to end things, here’s a Beetlejuice comparison. “It’s showtime,” for sure.