Steve Bannon Surrendered To The FBI On Contempt Charges, And People Can’t Stop Talking About That ‘Coup Plotter’ Sign In The Background

Well, Steve Bannon won’t be side-eyeing Marjorie Taylor Greene on his “War Room” podcast anytime soon because, Steve Bannon is actually under arrest by the FBI. The former Trump chief strategist turned himself in at the FBI Washington Field Office on Monday following multiple contempt of charges for ignoring the subpoena from the House committee that’s investigating the January 6 insurrection. Upon his arrival at Arrest City, the scene was remarkable. Bannon (who has freely admitted that he did, in fact, help to plot the failed MAGA coup) looked quite pleased with himself.

Bannon also uncharacteristically looked as though he’d even washed his hair for the occasion, which should give James Carville more fodder for commentary. Oh hey, and this very unsubtle “Coup Plotter’ sign lingered in the background.

Steve Bannon Arrest Coup Plotter
Getty Image

As CNN’s Jim Acosta and The Daily Beast’s Zachary Petrizzo both reported on Twitter, Bannon showed up (and he was indeed smiling) while a protestor brandished this sign.

The sign even managed to distract attention from Bannon’s freshly showered (for him) appearance and his “air of suave sophistication.”

Here’s some footage from the scene (courtesy of CNN’s Manu Raju):

The #CoupPlotter hashtag immediately took off.

Who created this straightforward sign for the ages? Credit appears to go to Bill Christeson.

Christeson’s been known to brandish signs of this styling and has been tweeting about the “coup attempt,” and over the weekend, he celebrated (with a hamburger photo) a milestone moment: Trump selling the Trump International Hotel (to an owner that will surely change the building’s name).