Federal Prosecutors Want Steve Bannon To Do Jail Time For His Contempt Of Congress Conviction

Steve Bannon could be looking at jail time after being found guilty on contempt of Congress charges over the summer. Donald Trump’s former advisor is staring down the barrel of a sentencing hearing on Friday, and federal prosecutors are pushing for both the maximum prison sentence and the maximum fine after Bannon repeatedly boasted that he’ll pay whatever the governor throws at him.

Via CNN:

“For his sustained, bad-faith contempt of Congress, the Defendant should be sentenced to six months’ imprisonment – the top end of the Sentencing Guidelines’ range – and fined $200,000 – based on his insistence on paying the maximum fine rather than cooperate with the Probation Office’s routine pre-sentencing financial investigation,” prosecutors wrote in their court filing on Monday.

According to the sentencing recommendation filed on Monday, Bannon’s role in the January 6 attack warrants a stiff punishment. “The rioters who overran the Capitol on January 6 did not just attack a building – they assaulted the rule of law upon which this country was built and through which it endures,” prosecutors wrote. “By flouting the Select Committee’s subpoena and its authority, the Defendant exacerbated that assault.”

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Bannon’s legal troubles. After being found guilty on the contempt charges, he was indicted in New York for allegedly ripping off MAGA supporters with his “We Build The Wall” organization. Before leaving office, Trump had pardoned Bannon in the midst of a federal investigation that hilariously saw him being arrested on a boat by the Postal Service. However, that pardon does not protect Bannon at the state level where he’s now facing charges.

(Via CNN)