Steve Bannon Went On A Wild Rant While Accusing Biden Of Plotting To Kill Humanity By… Curing Cancer?

Steve Bannon had a weekend off from pleading “not guilty” to all of the conspiracy, money laundering, and fraud charges being lobbied against him and he used his free time to attend a right-wing conference where he accused President Joe Biden of trying to eliminate the human race through a “cancer moon shot.”

We’ll do our best to explain.

Bannon joined a bunch of other conservative talking heads making an appearance at a conference called “Defeating the Great Reset.” The event’s main purpose was to drum up fear and paranoia about some obscure global strategy Bannon and his buddies think signals the end times. Bannon hypothesized that the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” plan was all in an effort to create “human 2.0.” We’re guessing he means some advanced civilization of human beings because, in clips from the event, he rambles on about world leaders secretly funding scientific experiments with the end goal of achieving immortality.

“They’re all godless,” Bannon can be seen telling the crowd in the clip below. “They all want to live forever. They talk about how they’re going to save kids, but that’s all crap! They want to be immortal.”

First off, who doesn’t want to live forever? Our pop culture obsession with vampire movies proves immortality is “in” right now. But even more importantly, Bannon has no factual basis for these claims, he’s just spewing nonsense to a collection of easily manipulated people who think that he can make the world work for them again. Case in point: no one bats an eye when later in his speech, Bannon riffs about Biden trying to replace humanity by sending people to the moon and calling it some sort of cancer cure.

None of it makes any sense, but that won’t stop someone’s cousin from buying all the way into this ridiculousness and giving his life savings to the guy who couldn’t even build a wall so that he can “save America.” Maybe the latest round of fraud charges will actually stick.