Ted Cruz Tried To Blame ‘Black Nationalists’ For The Rise In Domestic Terrorism And Was Promptly Schooled By Amy Klobuchar

If you’re keeping track of the number of times Ted Cruz has embarrassed himself in public, you’ll want to add another notch — if you can find the space. On Tuesday, as Raw Story reports, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the rise of white supremacy and domestic terrorism in America in the wake of the recent mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, which the Justice Department has classified as a hate crime.

But when it came time for Cruz to speak, it was clear the Texas senator didn’t understand the assignment, or just flat-out ignored it. Instead, he used his time at the microphone to tell colleagues on both sides of the aisle that Black people are bad, then rattled off a lot of B.S. that was not germane to the conversation. After complaining about the way that Democrats attempt to “politicize acts of violence” (LOL) and blaming them for the creation of the KKK, Cruz claimed that all this whining about white supremacy was “diminishing anti-Jewish violence, anti-Asian violence, violence directed at white people, [and] violence directed at police.” Trying to take a neutral stand, Cruz stated that “my view is simple: violence is always wrong whatever your ideology, left-wing, right-wing, no wings.” Then he got to his real point: “Black supremacy” is what we should really be talking about.

Cruz went on to cite the Brooklyn subway shooter and the Waukesha Christmas parade attack as two examples of Black nationalists, before adding: “Then, of course, we have the violence of the antifa riots and the Black Lives Matter riots that wracked this country” in the summer of 2020. “Stores were looted, police cars were fire-bombed, people were assaulted, people were murdered,” Cruz said. “My colleagues on the Democratic side of the aisle sought to excuse, sought to apologize, four even went so far as to raise money to bail out of jail the violent rioters committing these acts of violence.”

When Amy Klobuchar, who has butted heads with Cruz before, commanded the floor just a few minutes later, she was quick to give the Texas senator a lesson in stats. She rebutted that “the intelligence community has identified racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists as a category of people most likely to conduct mass casualty attacks… But one thing that wasn’t noted, and this is just one year of statistics, but was not noted by Senator Cruz, and that is that the FBI reported that of the racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists it was investigating in 2020… 87 percent were white supremacists. So I just think it’s very important that the record reflect that.”

Let the record show: Klobuchar: 1; Cruz: 0.

(Via Raw Story)