‘Deadbeat Of The Senate’: Ted Cruz Got Busted Tweeting While Flat-Out Ignoring Amy Klobuchar Speaking Directly To Him

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his phone shenanigans continue to accelerate, this time while disrespecting his Senate colleagues to tweet about.. huh? What a year it’s been for the much maligned senator from Texas when it comes to phones. Someone leaked his wife’s texts about his ill-advised Cancun vacation during a devastating ice storm, and Ted also got busted playing on his phone during opening Senate testimony about the MAGA insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, which Ted helped to incite.

Well, Ted is at it again, and this time, he’s not even trying to pretend otherwise because he was Cruz-ing Twitter while Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) directly spoke to him during the Senate Rules Committee meeting on Tuesday. The Recount tweeted out the below video of Cruz blatantly ignoring Klobuchar as she berated him for pushing the falsehood that the presidential election results were wrong. “So you wonder why we want to make sure that people have the right to vote?” Klobuchar asked (via Mediaite) while referencing the failed MAGA coup. “Well, it’s because of this kind of rhetoric and this kind of behavior… when you ask why we are still interested in protecting our democracy from that day of January 6th on, I think that’s your answer.”

So, what was Ted so busy doing on Twitter? He was, strangely enough, replying to a tweet from The Recount, which pointed out that he “appears to be a Diet Dr. Pepper guy.” Cruz’s answer, timestamped to 4:17 while he was ignoring Klobuchar, was “Yep.”

Here’s a visual of the time stamps in action:

Well, at least he wasn’t caught “liking” porn again on Twitter?

Naturally, people dragged him for this on Twitter. “Deadbeat of the Senate” seems like a fair label for a guy who won’t put his phone away while drawing a generous government salary, regardless of party affiliation.

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