Ted Cruz Struggled To Explain Why He’s For Setting Senate Term Limits…While Running A Third Time

Ted Cruz has been in the Senate for a long, long time — a decade as of last month. If you were to go by the legislation he introduced last month, which would cap Senate term limits at two, you would think he’d be planning for his next gig. Thing is, he’s not. He’s running a third time, which would keep him in office through 2031. Does Cruz not see how these two ideas conflict with each other? Judging by a recent media appearance apparently not.

On Face the Nation Sunday, host Margaret Brennan asked Cruz straight-up why, by running for a term he doesn’t think others should have, he wasn’t “holding yourself to that standard.”

Cruz vacillated, calling himself a “passionate defender of of term limits,” adding, “I think that Congress would work much better if every senator were limited to two terms, if every house member were limited to three terms.”

Brennan replied, “But you’re still running.”

“If and when it passes,” Cruz claimed, “I will happily, happily comply. I’ve never said I’m going to unilaterally comply.”

Until then, Cruz sees no issue with doing the very thing his proposed legislation seeks to outlaw. “I will be more than happy to comply by the same rules that apply for everyone,” he explained. “But until then, I’m going to keep fighting for 30 million Texans because they’ve asked me to do.”

In short, Cruz will advocate one thing while doing another, as well as maybe abandoning those 30 million constituents to go on family vacation — then blame his own kids when called out.

(Via Mediaite)