‘The Daily Show’ Welcomed Mark Meadows To The MCU While Mocking His Tri-State Voting Shenanigans

Former White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows isn’t going quietly into the sunset, probably much to his own dismay. Not only did Trump get mad at him for making a less than flattering statement about the ex-president’s hair, but for several weeks, there’s been buzzing about him registering to vote in multiple states, and now, Washington Post‘s Fact Checker has done the leg work and revealed that Meadows’ was, in fact, simultaneously registered to cast his ballot in a trio of states.

This, of course, is a terrible look for any U.S. citizen and an especially bad one for a chief of staff whose boss directed the January 6 insurrectionists to “fight like hell” to overthrow Joe Biden’s 2020 election win. Yep, Washington Post confirms “that until last week, Meadows was simultaneously registered to vote in three different states — North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina.” At present, he’s no longer registered in North Carolina (as USA Today recently added), but the mess has been made.

Especially since Meadows was all about preaching “election integrity,” the fallout will likely continue from what could, in fact, be voter fraud. And The Daily Show slid onto Twitter with a fitting entry of mockery: the cinematic trio of Spideys.

“Meadows voting.” Simple and effective.

(Via Washington Post & USA Today)