The Rock And Kevin Hart Smacked The Heck Out Of Each Other With Tortillas For A TikTok Challenge

Every once in a while, an online trend so absurd and random will suddenly become a thing, and it is imperative that every single person on the internet tries said challenge. We had the Ice Bucket Challenge, The Cinnamon Challenge, and of course who could forget the Saltine Challenge? Now, Gen Z has invented its own food-related event that is sweeping the nation: The Tortilla Challenge. And it sounds exactly like you would expect.

The challenge requires two people to fill their mouths with water and then slap each other with tortillas. That’s…it. While it sounds quite simple, most people seem to fail and spit water everywhere. Enter: The Rock and Kevin Hart.

While promoting their new animated movie about superhero dogs, the duo decided to try out the challenge, which has been a growing trend on TikTok. Is it too soon to talk about celebrities slapping each other?

The two went up against each other, with Hart getting the first slap, which invoked a look of pure hatred on The Rock’s face, which is not something you want to see on a former professional wrestler.

Of course, it was all in good fun, and they got to “slap the sh*t” out of each other…that’s what it’s all about, right?