‘The View’ Called Out The Right-Wing ‘Ghouls’ Like Don Jr And Lauren Boebert For Pouncing On Alec Baldwin After The Fatal ‘Rust’ Shooting

While discussing the accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust on Monday, The View‘s Sunny Hostin did not hold back her thoughts on the right-wing “ghouls” who came out of the woodwork to attack Alec Baldwin who has been inconsolable since the tragic incident. As has been reported, Baldwin is the one who fired the shot that killed Hutchins during a rehearsal. However, there were several safety failures along the way that caused the actor to be handed a gun that reportedly contained a live bullet.

During a panel discussion, which involved Whoopi Goldberg sharing her wealth of experience working on movie sets with guns and the protocols that should have been followed, Hostin used her time to call out Donald Trump Jr. and Lauren Boebert for using the tragedy to score political points.

You can watch Hostin’s remarks at the 3:38 mark below:

Via The Wrap:

“You know, a woman died here. A woman who was a mother, a wife, someone who was, they say, just wonderful at her craft. A cinematographer, just starting,” Hostin said. “When you have people like that coming out, trying to, I don’t know, take some sort of opportunity and a shot at Alec Baldwin — I thought that that was pretty disgusting and despicable.”

Don Jr. has been a particularly relentless critic of Baldwin since the accidental shooting was reported. Currently, the former president’s son is selling T-shirts on his official website that read “Guns Don’t Kill People Alec Baldwin Kills People.” So Hostin calling Don Jr. “disgusting and despicable” is putting it pretty lightly.

(Via The View on Twitter)