‘The View’s Sunny Hostin Calls Guest Host Alyssa Farah A ‘Stormtrooper’ For Working With The Trump Administration

As The View continues to take its time searching for a replacement for conservative co-host Meghan McCain, former White House communications director Alyssa Farah had a chance to try out for the vacant seat, and it was a veritable trial by fire. If Farah’s name doesn’t sound familiar, that’s because of the Trump administration’s seemingly endless parade of communications directors, and the fact that Farrah did not stay in the position very long. In fact, Farah resigned her post shortly after the 2020 election after getting a front-row seat for the chaos to come.

However, co-host Sunny Hostin couldn’t help but wonder why Farah went to work for Trump so late in the game, and she didn’t pull her punches while asking Farah about working for the troubled administration. “I have to say, though, when I think about it, you join in April 2020, that’s four years in. We knew who he was, how do you do that?” Hostin asked a surprisingly cordial Farah who didn’t bristle at any of the questions, and actually agreed with most of them. Farah even complimented Sunny when she called the former comms director a “stormtrooper,” which is something McCain would’ve never done. It would’ve been DEFCOM MY FATHER. Via The Daily Beast:

“That’s a fair point,” Farah said, laughing nervously, saying she “didn’t have any illusions” about who Donald Trump was. When she noted that she was initially working under Vice President Pence, Hostin shot back, “So you’re not working for Darth Vader, but you’re a stormtrooper.”

Instead of pushing back, Farah conceded the point, telling Hostin: “That’s actually very well said.”

After surviving Hostin’s gauntlet of questions, Farah made it clear that she’s absolutely through with Trump. “I wouldn’t support Donald Trump again,” she said. “Our country needs to go a different direction.”

(Via The Daily Beast, The View on Twitter)