‘The View’ Comes At Joe Manchin For ‘Not Giving A Hoot’ About His State Or The Country

While discussing the Democrat’s latest attempt to pass a voting rights bill, which would require possibly ending the filibuster, The View co-host Joy Behar unloaded on Senator Joe Manchin for his refusal to support the party’s efforts to pass the crucial voting reform. Never one to mince words, Behar openly questioned how Manchin and his partner in feet dragging, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, are still considered Democrats despite constantly bucking the party on key legislation.

Via The Wrap:

“This is a guy who basically doesn’t want the poor people in his state to have a child tax credit, because he thinks they will use the money for drugs. And he doesn’t want paid sick leave, because it might encourage people to lie so they can go on hunting trips,” Behar said. “Why are the West Virginians — why would they put up with this man who doesn’t give a hoot about them, the environment, or the Democratic Party, or the country at this point? Answer me that question.”

However, Ana Navarro pushed back by noting that Manchin is immensely popular in West Virginia and continues to win re-election despite attempts to primary him. In her opinion, Sinema is the one who is “hoodwinking” voters.

“Kyrsten Sinema was a progressive liberal, who used to show up and protest against Democrat moderates!” Navarro said. “And so I think she pulled a bait and switch on the voters of Arizona.”

(Via The Wrap)