‘The View’ Went All ‘Harry Potter’ While Wondering Why Biden Didn’t Say Trump’s Name During His Jan. 6 Speech

While working remotely on Thursday after both co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines tested positive for COVID, the ladies of The View discussed Joe Biden’s January 6 speech where he specifically refused to say Donald Trump‘s name. To be clear, Biden did lay the blame for the U.S. Capitol attack at Trump’s feet, but he did it by repeatedly referring to him as “the former president,” which Ana Navarro felt was kind of weird. Ultimately she felt that Biden’s speech was “forceful” and “brilliant,” but Navarro would’ve appreciated seeing Trump get called out by name.

Via The Wrap:

“I am sorry he didn’t pronounce Donald Trump’s name,” Navarro said. “When he says the former president, which he said 16 times, he should have said Donald J. Trump is responsible for what happened, and said his name. This is not Harry Potter. Donald Trump is not Lord Voldemort. :et us call out his name and lay the blame where the blame should be placed.”

Joy Behar, on the other hand, disagreed and argued that Biden didn’t need to specifically say Trump’s name because everyone knows who he’s talking about.

“I think that Americans know precisely who he’s referring to,” Behar said. “Just as they knew for years that Whoopi, when she would say ‘you know who’, we know exactly who she was referring to. So I don’t think that that’s a big deal. It’s almost like [Biden] can’t say his name really, because it bothers him.”

(Via The Wrap)