‘The View’ Had Republican Presidential Candidate Tim Scott On As A Guest And Things Got Really Messy Really Fast

Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott stopped by The View on Monday where things quickly turn contentious as the South Carolina senator grew combative with co-host Sunny Hostin over the issue of systemic racism. As a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, Scott doesn’t believe in the “leftist lies” that successful African-Americans are the exception not the rule, and he pushed back against Hostin for suggesting as much.

“That is a dangerous, offensive, disgusting message to send to our young people,” Scott said to Hostin, who did not back down from the verbal sparring match.

Via Mediaite:

“So the fact of the matter is we’ve had an African-American president, African-American vice president. We’ve had two African-Americans to be secretaries of state. In my home city, The police chief is an African-American who’s now running for mayor. The head of the highway patrol for South Carolina is an African-American,” Scott replied.

“Still exceptions,” Hostin interjected.

“In 1975, there was about 15% unemployment in the African-American community. For the first time in the history, the country’s under 5% percent,” Scott continued.

“Forty percent homelessness,” Hostin interrupted as she and Scott began speaking over each other.

As the two reached a surprisingly agreeable end to their argument, Scott found himself in another pickle. While discussing Ron DeSantis and his feud with Disney, Navarro asked Scott if he thinks the entertainment giant is part of the “radical left” and things went south again. Only this time, the audience got in on the act.

After Scott agreed that DeSantis “started off on the right foot” with his “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the audience started booing the Republican senator, which prompted Whoopi Goldberg to chastise the room.

“No, no, no, no. Not here. I’m sorry, sir. Do not boo,” Whoopi lectured the audience while apologizing to Scott. “This is The View, we accept — we don’t have to believe everything people say, but you cannot boo people here. Please, you cannot do it.”

(Via Mediaite)