‘The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Dragged Kevin McCarthy’s Baffling Resignation Speech: ‘I’m Still Not Sure What The Hell You Did’

The View had a field day with Kevin McCarthy‘s oddly congratulatory resignation speech after the former Speaker of the House basically announced that he was quitting Congress at the end of the year. Whoopi Goldberg, in particular, had some blunt words for the outgoing congressman.

“When the stakes were the highest, we rose to the challenge,” McCarthy said in a video message posted to Twitter. “We were willing to risk it all, no matter the odds, no matter the personal cost. Simply put, we did the right thing.”

Whoopi couldn’t believe what she was hearing as her jaw dropped during McCarthy’s message. The View co-host noted that he was only Speaker of the House for a few months before being ousted and he did not do much during that short time. More pointedly, McCarthy is definitely not accomplishing much by quitting either, but she’ll take it.

Via The Wrap:

“I’m just trying to figure out what you think you actually did!” she exclaimed. “You had what, 19 tries to get the job? Fifteen. And then you got the job, and I’m still not sure what the hell you did while you were there! What are you doing? Goodbye, though!”

However, Sara Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin argued that McCarthy is accomplishing something: Being petty as hell.

“This was like the biggest middle finger to the Republicans. The fact that he just ousted himself, and was like ‘Peace!'” Haines said about McCarthy resigning right after George Santos was expelled. “Like, that’s a 2-vote — they’re gonna have to do everything bipartisan.”

(Via The Wrap)