Trump Is Reportedly Telling People That Ron DeSantis Stole ‘My Idea’ To Ship Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard

Ron DeSantis shipping a plane full of unsuspecting migrants to Martha’s Vineyard has been making headlines as the outright political stunt has been blasted for being “straight out of the authoritarian playbook.” It’s pretty bad, so naturally, Donald Trump is jealous as all heck.

According to Rolling Stone, Trump is fuming mad that DeSantis has knocked him out of the headlines. The dude’s out here busting his hump to remind people about his pee tape, for crying out loud. On top of that, Trump has reportedly been telling people that the potentially illegal migrant shipping scheme was his idea:

Trump has fumed over all the praise DeSantis’ action has been receiving in influential conservative circles lately — such as on right-wing media like Fox News — and has privately accused DeSantis of doing this largely to generate a 2024 polling boost for himself among GOP voters. (Earlier this month, Trump and his political operation blasted out a brief statement claiming, “Mar-a-Lago raid gave Trump a 10-point boost over DeSantis with Republican primary voters, poll shows.”) The twice-impeached former president, the sources say, has also vented that DeSantis’ latest stunt was yet another one of “my idea[s]” that the governor allegedly stole from Trump.

Of course, this tactic is nothing new for Trump. Even before the Martha’s Vineyard stunt, Trump and his underlings have accused DeSantis of copying everything from Trump’s speaking pattern to (get ready for this one) stealing ideas from Don Jr.’s tweets. Trust us when we say no one is taking political cues from a guy who thinks his dad keeping the nuclear codes at Mar-a-Lago is actually a good thing. You’d be better off getting campaign strategy from a ham sandwich.

(Via Rolling Stone)