Trump Is Reportedly Hopping Mad That Ron DeSantis Keeps Doing A ‘Lame Impression’ Of Him

If there’s a glimmer of hope for the Democrats going into the 2024 presidential election, it is that Donald Trump is showing no signs of gracefully conceding the Republican primary to Ron DeSantis should he win. The former president is already tearing down DeSantis behind-the-scenes, and the situation is not likely to improve should the Florida governor become the GOP nominee.

According to a new report, Trump has allegedly spent over a year criticizing DeSantis for “stealing” from him by copying the former president’s mannerisms in a “lame impression of Trump.” Via Rolling Stone:

Trump has a distinctive (and much-satirized) way of gesticulating while casually talking, delivering political speeches, or even “firing” contestants on his former game show. The sources note that when Trump has seen video clips of of DeSantis speaking at public events over the past year and a half, the former president has scornfully mocked the ascendant Florida Republican for appearing to imitate his body language, movements, and even, at times, speaking rhythm. One of the other sources recalls Trump joking at a dinner event earlier this year that he should sue DeSantis for copyright infringement.

In another form of intimidation, Donald Trump Jr. has also reportedly gotten in the act of accusing DeSantis of “stealing.” According to sources for Rolling Stone, Don Jr. has told people that topics he’s tweeted have been conveniently showing up in DeSantis’ talking points shortly thereafter. Junior is convinced that someone on DeSantis’ team is following his Twitter account and raiding it for campaign content, which has to be the first time anyone has copied off of Don Jr. for anything.

Of course, what the Trumps are really mad about it is that whatever DeSantis is doing is working. He’s been continually leading in the polls as Fox News personalities have signaled that it’s time for the Republican party to move away from Trump.

(Via Rolling Stone)