If Aliens Ever Needed Instant Proof That Trump Often Has No Idea What He’s Talking About, Look No Further

You are surely aware of Donald Trump’s ongoing legal troubles. Yes, his bizarre quotes about cows and ladders are very distracting, but Trump could actually be in hot water. He’s possibly going to be indicted a third time (the latest instance has to do with the insurrection), but through all of that Justice Department stuff, Trump has been ALL-CAPS ranting through the gloom, and don’t ever expect him to stop performing at campaign rallies.

Trump could be in prison one day, and he’d still be trying to hold rallies. If it happens, we will discuss it again. However, Trump is on the actual campaign trail because he either really wants to be president again in 2024, or he simply needs those campaign dollars. Maybe both? He has also been begging Republicans to do anything to save him, but he always makes time to attend to his fawning MAGA public. They still exist, and one of them had a question for him in Iowa on Tuesday night: “I’d like to know how you can help us in Iowa save our farmland from the CO2 pipeline?”

In response, Trump had a lot of words but somehow had nothing to say at all. Word salad incoming, via Morning Joe and Aaron Rupar on Twitter:

“Well you know, we’re working on that, and you know, we had a plan. To totally, uh… it’s such a ridiculous situation, isn’t it? But we had a plan, and we would have instituted that plan, and it was all ready, but if we win, that’s gonna be taken care of. That will be one of the easy things we do.”

You can watch the video below. And maybe save it in case, you know, aliens ever touch down on Earth.