Desperate Donald Trump Is Imploring Republicans To ‘Do Something’ To Save Him From The Consequences Of His Many (Alleged) Crimes

Don Jr. might soon be making more odd media appearances after word that his father has another possible indictment in the works, and this time, ex-President Trump might be forced to reckon with his January 6 actions. That would obviously refer to, as phrased by GOP presidential rival Chris Christie, the D.C. riot that was “incited by Donald Trump” in order to sway then-VP Pence and Congress to overturn the 2020 electoral college vote.

As a result of the “target letter” that Trump reported receiving from special counsel Jack Smith, Trump headlines must unfortunately take a break from the cows-and-ladders subject and move back into the legal realm. And over on Truth Social, Trump has been, of course, freaking the heck out about the Justice Department going in hard on him.

The right-wing social platform also features missives from the (also) right-wing user known as “Catturd” (who has been critical of Twitter lately). And Catturd is not thrilled with FBI Director Christopher Wray, who he appears to believe should be impeached, but Catturd thrice declares, “[T]he Rep Party is too chicken sh*t to impeach him.” In response, Trump would really like some help from his MAGA fanbase please, via Raw Story:

“The Republican Party must fight fire with fire, and right now, or it will be extinguished!!!” Trump posted. “The Republican Party must get tough, now. This is the strong sentiment that’s flowing through the veins of Patriots. DO SOMETHING!!!”

Hmm. The last significant time that the MAGA crowd really “did something” in the scope of what Trump appears to be hinting at, the deadly insurrection happened, and as a result, those who stormed the U.S. Capitol ended up shouting for “freedom” and then lost their freedom to a series of prison sentences. So it doesn’t seem as likely as it did then that Trump’s call will be heeded, but nonetheless, he will surely keep pushing ALL-CAPS missives into the ether.

(Via Raw Story)