Trump’s Truth Social Antics May Force Judge Chutkan To Drag Him Into Court To ‘Admonish’ Him Like A ‘Small Child’

Donald Trump could probably use a hug — or at least someone to confiscate his phone. The former president keeps making his already febrile legal woes even worse. On Monday he took to his rinky dink Twitter clone to engage in what effectively amounted to jury tampering. But that was for his Georgia case. There’s also his Jan. 6 case, and his social media antics may lead him to a very specific kind of humiliation.

As per Mediaite, MSNBC legal analyst Joyce Vance spent a segment on Monday postulating about how Judge Tanya Chutkan, who’s already annoyed by him, may act after he made “inflammatory statements” seen as pertaining to the case on Truth Social. Vance said one thing Judge Chutkan may do is haul him into court to read him the riot act.

“She may admonish him,” Vance postulated. “It will be professional. It will not be personal. But judges believe in progressive discipline – if we’re talking about her and the way one might interact with a small child. And she will be very explicit with him before she goes to the next level of disciplining him in order to ensure that everyone involved can get a fair trial.”

Alas, news cameras may not be allowed in the courtroom for the case, which is slated to be held in D.C. However, not only are there no rules against cameras in Georgia courts, but they’re actually commonplace. So even if the world misses out on Trump being scolded by a judge, they’ll probably get to see him being arraigned — yet another first for U.S. presidents.

(Via Mediaite)