Judge Chutkan Reportedly Rolled Her Eyes And Face-Palmed After A Trump Lawyer Dropped A ‘Loser’ Argument

Will Donald Trump finally get his comeuppance? It’s hard to say. The former president has evaded any real consequences over his entire life. There’s a chance — maybe a slim one — that that might change with the three — possibly four — indictments he’s amassed over the last handful of months. Judge Tanya Chutkan, presiding over the one involving Jan. 6, is already up to here with his antics. She reportedly couldn’t contain herself when one of his lawyers floated a ”loser” argument during a pre-trial courtroom hearing.

As per Raw Story, Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell went on MSNBC to reveal what went down when Chutkan laid down the law for the legal teams on Friday. Asked about what her body language was like, Lowell said she was clearly nonplussed at some of the things Trump’s lawyers said, including whining that the trial would impact their client’s third presidential campaign.

Still, Lowell said, Chutkan was “sympathetic” to some of their arguments, namely the ones about how difficult their client was. But she “grew exasperated by all the discussions about politics.” At one point, Chutkan “had her face in her hands and rolled her eyes when there was another discussion about the Biden Administration coming after Trump.”

Trump lawyer John Lauro picked up on Chutkan’s body langauge, Lowell thought. “So clearly that was something he thought was gonna be a loser and changed tack,” he said.

Anyway, fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy trial. So will the others, probably.

You can watch Lowell’s MSNBC appearance in the video below.

(Via Raw Story)