A Trump Lawyer Is Claiming Her Client’s Endless Bad Headlines Are Somehow ‘Election Interference’

Donald Trump used to love getting his name in the papers. Perhaps he still does. He’s one of his history’s greatest narcissists, so any press is good press. Too bad so many of them are unflattering or gloomy or riddled with mockery. His coverage is so bad that one of his lawyers, who has yet to grow sick of her client, is trying to make lemonade from the endless supply of lemons given to her.

As per Mediaite, Alina Habba, who’s been representing Trump through the most legally fraught period of his long, rocky career, went on Newsmax to speak with guest host Matt Gaetz. (No, it’s not great that an elected official works for a far right news network, nor that he also gets into movie premieres.) Gaetz asked Habba about a recent Daily Beast report about former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik cooperating with special counsel Jack Smith, who’s handling two separate Trump cases.

Habba said she couldn’t “get into any details.” But she did use the occasion to take a swipe out news outlets for reporting on things that make her client look bad. She hatched a strange conspiracy theory, which included a bizarre accusation:

Every headline that comes out in media — I don’t even know if I would recognize The Daily Beast as a valuable media source — but The Daily Beast, you know, they come out with these leaks and, you know, I read a little bit more reputable newspapers, but listen, they come out with this for a reason, and everything is done in specific timing. Headlines are done for election interference. Watch.

We know that Hunter’s associate was supposed to come out and testify on Monday, I heard now he may not be doing so, but watch, they’ll come after Trump again around the same time so that, again, they say, ‘Look at the shiny ball, guys. Don’t look over here. We don’t want you to see it. We wanna give you another headline.’

Conspiracy theories are popular among the MAGA crowd. Just ask the big guy himself. But suggesting that the Deep State, or whatever Habba is referring to, is in cahoots with reporters to make Trump look bad — when his followers already don’t read news that isn’t skewed MAGA-ward — is out there even for them.

(Via Mediaite)