CNN’s Dana Bash Had To Laugh When A Trump Lawyer Spoke Of His Client’s ‘Peaceful Transfer Of Power’

Being a lawyer for Donald Trump can’t be easy. Not only is he a volatile chaos agent, but he keeps doing wrong. Even his own legal representation can’t help but blurt out the truth from time to time, even admitting he did crimes he’s accused of doing. On Sunday, though, one of his lawyers do bended the truth that all the reporter interviewing him could do was laugh.

As per The Daily Beast, John Lauro, one of the attorneys defending him in the case pertaining to Jan. 6, went on CNN Sunday morning to try and spin his client’s alleged wrongdoing. Lauro had to admit that Trump did attempt a convoluted scheme that would involve then-vice president Mike Pence rejecting the certification of Joe Biden’s win. But Pence rightly rejected that ruse, after which, Lauro claimed, “there was a peaceful transition of power.”

Bash understandably started laughing at not only his bald assertion, but also his omission of a certain violent Capitol riot. She then informed him, “What happened on January 6 was not peaceful.”

“The transfer of power was certainly peaceful,” Lauro replied.

“Did you see what happened on January 6? Did that look peaceful?” Bash replied.

“I’m not saying that that was in any way appropriate,” Lauro admitted, “but the ultimate power of the presidency was transferred to Mr. Biden. We all know that, as you do.”

It’s true that Trump finally — if reluctantly — accepted his defeat, though he made sure to skedaddle before the Bidens moved into the White House, breaking a longtime tradition in which the departing president welcomes their successor.

Lauro has a lot of defending to do, especially because his client keeps making his problems worse. On Friday he posted a threatening message to those who “go after me,” which was widely interpreted to mean those prosecuting him in his third indictment. That did not go over well with special counsel Jack Smith, nor with Judge Tanya Chutkan, who’s presiding over his latest case. In other words, Lauro and his colleagues will have to keep making the interview rounds, trying to spin their client’s reckless and self-defeating actions.

(Via The Daily Beast)