Trump Is Reportedly Obsessed With How His Perp Walk Will Look On TV: ‘He Wants To Be Defiant’

Despite Tuesday coming and going with no arrest for Donald Trump, the former president is reportedly convinced that he’s going to be charged over his hush money payments to Stormy Daniels sometime soon. While you’d think the legal ramifications of those charges would be the most pressing matter on Trump’s mind, not so much. In true Trump fashion, he’s reportedly obsessed with how his “perp walk” will look on TV and has been constantly talking about it behind closed doors.

According to sources who have spoken to Trump, he’s apparently very concerned with not looking like he’s not “slinking away in shame.”

Via The New York Times:

He has concentrated on projecting strength and avoiding any signals of shame over his circumstances, an approach that mirrors his handling of repeated political crises and his flair for creating dramatic, made-for-TV moments. Seeing Mr. Trump after a court appearance could also galvanize his supporters, whom Mr. Trump urged over the weekend to protest in the event of his arrest.

“He wants to be defiant — to show the world that if they can try to do this to him, they can do it to anyone,” said one person who spoke to Mr. Trump over the weekend.

However, the Times report that Trump’s worrying may be for nothing. There is reportedly “no indication” that authorities would even engage in a perp walk. Instead, “arrangements are likely to be made between the Secret Service and law enforcement to avoid a media circus.”

In a way, that would be the ultimate punishment for Trump because, seriously, the guy loves being on TV. Can’t enough of it.

(Via The New York Times)