Donald Trump Threw An Absolute Hissy Fit During His E. Jean Carroll Deposition, Telling The Lawyers, ‘I’ll Sue You Too’

What is it like to question a fabulist with no apparent self-awareness? Just ask the lawyers who had to interrogate Donald Trump. Last week a judge unsealed key excerpts from the former president’s deposition from last October in regards to the lawsuit filed against him by E. Jean Carroll. Trump may have ruined his chances before it began, and even from what little has been made public, it’s clear Trump not only didn’t want to be there but was predictably throwing one of his petulant hissy fits.

Carroll is suing Trump for defamation after he said some potentially libelous things about her after she accused him of sexual assault. Not content to have already landed himself in hot water, he went to his rinky dink Twitter clone to trash the case mere days before he was set to be deposed. Once he got there he was a classic hostile witness, promising frivolous lawsuits to everyone once this was all over, as seen in transcripts obtained by Politico‘s Kyle Cheney (which were caught by The Daily Beast).

Of the accusation of rape, Trump called it “false,” adding, “Never happened, never would happen.” As per the reckless Truth Social posts, he was remorseless — and vengeful.

“And I posted and I will continue to post until such time as—and then I will sue her after this is over, and that’s the thing I really look forward to doing,” he said, adding, “And I’ll sue you too.”

At the end of Trump’s lengthy spluttering, the lawyers asked him what prompted his Truth Social diatribe.

“Her false story and that I have to waste a whole day doing these ridiculous questions with you,” Trump steamed.

This happened in mid-October. His life has changed dramatically since then. Long story short, there’s a good chance he’s screwed. Then again, this is Teflon Don we’re talking about.

(Via Politico’s Kyle Cheney and The Daily Beast)