The Full Version Of Trump’s Billion-Dollar Social Media Service Has Been Delayed Again, This Time Till March

For a former president, Donald Trump has a lot on his plate. There’s the Jan. 6 committee looking into his actions during his final months in office. There’s the twin investigations into his chief business, which may leave him with no money save his pensions. Then there’s Truth Social, his long-threatened social media service, which will compete with not only Twitter but also an army of far right competitors. At one point it was supposed to be late last year. Then it was bumped to February. Though an iOS version will arrive on the new time, the full version has been moved yet again.

As per The New York Times (in a bit teased out by The Verge), Truth Social was supposed to have a symbolic launch on February 21, aka Presidents’ Day. But that ain’t happening. So now it’s sometime in March. One reason for the hold-up? A regulatory investigation is underway into the merger of the service’s parent company, the Trump Media & Technology Group, and a publicly traded blank-check company.

That said, an extremely limited version was recently unveiled. Indeed, the big guy himself made the first post on the service — though only a small amount of people can actually see it. Don Jr. was recently mocked for sharing said maiden tweet, underlining the fact that pretty much no one can actually use it, because it’s still not widely available. But when it is, it will follow in the footsteps of such glorious Trump products as Trump Steaks, his failed casinos, and his quickly abandoned blog.

(Via NYT and The Verge)