Donald Trump Jr. Is Being Mercilessly Mocked For His ‘Truth’ Tweet About His Dad’s Billion-Dollar Social Media Website

It’s tough keeping up with all the conservative-friendly apps. There’s Parler and Rumble, of course, but don’t forget (or maybe do) about The Right Stuff, which shares the same name as a white supremacist website, and TRUTH Social, Donald Trump’s long-threatened social media platform. After months of missed deadlines, shady financial issues, porn bots, and SNL jokes (“Donald Trump announced the launch of his own social media network that he’s calling TRUTH Social, but most people know it by its original name: the National Sex Offender Registry”), TRUTH is launching on March 31. So, if your anti-vaxxer aunt doesn’t post anything on Facebook that day, you’ll know why.

Former-president Trump is “permanently suspended” from Twitter, but his Kendall Roy-esque son, Donald Trump Jr., is still tweeting all bangers, all the time. His latest: “Time for some Truth!!!” along with a screenshot of the first post on his dad’s billion-dollar vanity project. It reads, “Get Ready! Your favorite president will see you soon.” Bad tweet.

The replies were amusingly savage. “Truth Social is going to fail in spectacular fashion and I’m going to absolutely love it,” reads one tweet, while another wrote, “Trump’s first post on his Twitter clone site was written to people not on the site. This was written to be a screenshot post on Twitter. This will be such a glorious dumpster fire.” Here’s more: