Tucker Carlson Is Reportedly ‘Sh*tting His Pants’ That Two Years Of Texts Between Him And Alex Jones Could Go Public

There are wild trials and then there’s the one with Alex Jones. The InfoWars honcho was successfully sued by parents of one of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre, to whom he now owes nearly $50 million in damages. It’s easy to single out the most shocking part: when a lawyer representing said parents informed Jones that his attorneys had accidentally sent him the entire contents of his phone. That intel is now in the hands of the Jan. 6 committee, but it’s not just Jones and Donald Trump who have to worry.

A source told The Daily Beast that Tucker Carlson — a longtime Jones texting buddy — is “s*itting his pants” over the possibility that his correspondences with the noted conspiracy theorist could wind up in the public eye. It’s not yet clear what they text about, but the source claims that they’re “highly embarrassing.”

Though Jones is one of the nation’s most notorious conspiracy theorists, Carlson isn’t far behind him. He regularly floats dodgy claims on his highly-rated Fox News program, even ones shared by white supremacists. Carlson has made several InfoWars appearances and has gushed about Jones on multiple occasions. He’s said Jones is “more talented than I am,” and he’s written a blurb for one of his books, in which he said Jones might be “onto something,” and that people should “[r]ead this book and decide for yourself who’s crazy.”

Then again, surely Jones and Carlson’s texts aren’t as out-there as the ones between Jones and longtime Republican fixer Roger Stone, which have been “intimate messages.” Stone has gone so far as to advise Jones to sue his lawyer for the blunder.

(Via The Daily Beast)