The Jan. 6 Committee Is Now Sifting Through Alex Jones’ Text Messages, Thanks To His Lawyer’s Colossal Mistake

Well, that was quick. Following the embarrassing news that Alex Jones‘ lawyer accidentally sent the entire contents of his phone to the opposing counsel representing the Sandy Hook families, the January 6 committee immediately pounced on the opportunity and requested the incriminating texts.

“I’m not standing between you and Congress,” Judge Maya Guerra Gamble told Sandy Hook lawyer Mark Bankston last week when Jones’ lawyer attempted to block the request. “That is not my job. I’m not going to do that.”

According to CNN, the House select committee now has two years worth of texts from Jones’ phone, which could provide insight into the plotting of Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally that ended in a deadly siege on the U.S. Capitol building:

Jones was a central player on January 6. He was on restricted US Capitol grounds that day, riling up protesters, though he did not enter the building itself. He has rejected any suggestion that he was involved in the planning of violence, and claims he tried to prevent people at the Capitol from breaking the law.

Jones testified before the January 6 committee earlier this year, but he later said on his show that he repeatedly asserted his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent during the closed-door deposition.

Needless to say, Congress getting ahold of his text messages is the last thing Jones needs right now. He’s currently on the hook for over $50 million to the Sandy Hook families from the disastrous trial that ended last week. However, that hasn’t stopped from peddling conspiracy theories. On Monday, he stopped by Steve Bannon’s radio show and suggested that Barack Obama would orchestrate some sort of terrorist attack to flip the midterm elections to the Democrats. Considering Congress has him underneath a microscope, it’s probably not the best time for Jones to be openly revealing ways to overturn an election like he’s thought of them before. Not great, bud.

(Via CNN)