A Protestor Had Perfect Timing While Giving Tucker Carlson The Middle Finger On Fox News

Tucker Carlson is the host of TV’s most popular cable news show (let that sink in… then take an hour-long bath in scalding hot water to feel clean again), but he’s not making a lot of friends this week. Dinesh D’Souza, the batsh*t director of 2000 Mules, a supposed “documentary” on “the alleged criminal voter fraud and ballot stuffing during the 2020 presidential election,” accused Carlson of intentionally not promoting his movie. “I’m sorry to say Tucker Carlson and his team specifically instructed Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote NOT to mention the movie,” he tweeted (Engelbrecht, the founder of an anti-voter fraud group, worked with D’Souza on the Trump-backed film).

Carlson was also on the receiving end of a middle finger during Monday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight. He spouts Russian propaganda and preaches the benefits of testicle tanning like there’s no tomorrow, but a peaceful protestor flipping the bird? That was too much for Carlson, who look scandalized by the perfectly timed middle finger.

On Monday, viewers of Carlson’s show were shown a protest from outside the Alexandria, Virginia, home of Justice Samuel Alito, a reliably conservative vote on the court who wrote the draft majority opinion overturning the 1973 abortion ruling. The scene, in Carlson’s words, is “what it looks like when you write an opinion the mob doesn’t like.”

Within seconds of finishing his sentence, a protestor with a bullhorn raised her middle finger. “Ah, so let’s turn that off. Too much,” he said, adding, “It pains me to even put stuff like that on television, but people should see, you know, what this actually looks like.” It’s unclear if the woman knew she was on Fox News when she gave Carlson the one-finger salute, but either way, she speaks for everyone who’s sick of the “whitest d*ck ever.”