Valerie Bertinelli Was Off Her Rocker During A Bizarre And Profane Appearance On ‘The View’

Valerie Bertinelli stopped by Tuesday morning’s episode of The View, and it was clear right out of the gate that something was… off. After sitting down on the panel to promote her new cookbook, the actress turned Food Network personality kicked things off by noting that she and Whoopi Goldberg had already been “bitching” backstage.

From there, things only got weirder as Bertinelli seemingly had no clue about the dishes she supposedly prepared for the co-hosts. In fact, she got downright testy when asked about them.

“What is this? Did I make this?” she said before being asked by Joy Behar if one of the dishes was turkey, prompting Bertinelli to snap back, “Joy, I don’t know.”

Realizing she just made things very awkward, Bertinelli attempted to steer the conversation towards politics, only to be censored as she once again swore on air.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

“I just want you to know how dang important it is for everyone to vote,” she said, urging the audience to participate in local elections before the first of two censored moments that occurred during the chat. “Please, vote for your own benefit. Thank you. I get a little excited, and I just have to think about our queen Taylor Swift and…”

The sound cut out at the end of Bertinelli’s comment, though her lips appeared to mouth “calm the f— down” as the audio dropped.

The conversation got even more frantic as Bertinelli lashed out at online trolls, who she called “a**holes” in another moment that required censoring. After launching into a few other tangents, Bertinelli attempted to bring her scattershot appearance to a close with a bizarre historical quote.

“Just like [Winston] Churchill said, when you’re going through hell, keep going,” she said. “Was it Churchill? I don’t care. But, when you’re going through hell, you keep going.”

(Via Entertainment Weekly)