Whoopi Goldberg Dragged A ‘Slow, Sexy Dance’ Attempt From Sunny Hostin On ‘The View’

Everyone knows that Whoopi Goldberg just does what she pleases at any given point, especially when it comes to her hosting duties. On a recent episode of The View, the ladies were discussing a viral Reddit post where a man admits to slow dancing with an ex to get back at his wife. That’s the kind of stuff that goes down on Reddit these days.

But Sunny Hostin, a famously jealous person, breaks down the interaction, which she did not approve of, “Apparently, his dance with his ex, who he has seen naked, was a slow, sexy dance,” she said, adding in her own modified take on the “sexy dance,” by dancing in her seat. That’s the kind of stuff that goes down on The View these days.

The dancing continued as the ladies discussed. Goldberg obviously couldn’t gloss over the moment, and called out Hostin’s “dance.” She said, “Are you itchy right now? Is that why you’re moving around like that?” Hostin did not respond to the bait, though Whoopi was obviously proud of herself.

Hostin concluded that the man should not have “slow danced” with his ex, while Whoopi could not care less. “Either you trust your man, or you don’t,” she said.

Then again, Whoopi has been on one lately. Between her alien conspiracies and alleged jail time, maybe she needs a little break from the ladies of The View. She can spend some time arguing on Reddit instead.

(Via Decider)