‘The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Believes That Aliens Are ‘Already Here’ On Earth: ‘They’re Watching Us’

Whoopi Goldberg has been having one heck of a week on The View.

Things kicked off Monday when the entire panel apologized for speculating about Kate Middleton after Whoopi repeatedly told them to knock it off. The next day, Whoopi brought the show to a screeching halt as she confronted an audience member who was recording a Hot Topics segment with his phone. And, now, Whoopi is casually announcing that she believes aliens are among us and not the kind that make Republicans mad. We’re talking space aliens.

The revelation came as guest Kumail Nanjiani shared that he believes in aliens and thinks that they’re already circling the Earth waiting for humans to get their act together before touching down. That’s when Whoopi stepped in to say he’s only half right.

Via Decider:

When Goldberg interjected, “They’re already here,” [Sunny] Hostin asked, “Oh, they’re here already?”

Her co-host, maintaining a very serious tone, repeated, “They are already, they’ve been here for quite some time.”

Nanjiani then asked Goldberg, “You think they’re here? And what are they doing?”

The View moderator replied, “They’re watching us,” and Hostin backed her up, chiming in, “They’re talking to Whoopi,” as the studio audience laughed.

As the laughter died down, Sara Haines joked that actually Whoopi talks to ghosts, not aliens, in reference to Goldberg starring alongside Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in the classic movie Ghost.

“I got you, girl,” Haines quipped to Whoopi.

You can watch the full segment below:

(Via Decider)