A Champagne-Clutching Vladimir Putin Actually Blamed Ukraine For Russia’s Attacks On Civilian Infrastructure: ‘Who Started It?’

This photo ^^ is not from the incident that we’re about to discuss. Rather, this Getty image (one of many ridiculous Putin photos) shows Vladimir Putin toasting at the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Games, but the celebratory vibe isn’t too far from a bizarre speech that Putin gave this week at the Kremlin. Was he officially boozed up? It’s certainly not impossible to imagine that one is tipsy while waving a glass of champagne.

The below CNN video clip (posted on Twitter by Will Ripley) shows Putin’s jovial mood — remember, he’s the Botox Boy, so he probably cannot smile too hard, and the vibe can be considered relative — as he admitted to Russian attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure, including vital energy sources in the dead of winter. “Yes, we are doing it. But who started it?” he wondered aloud.

Putin appears to be ignoring the fact that “who started it?” is a dreadful question, considering that he launched his imperialistic Ukraine invasion back in February. Soon enough, word surfaced that Putin’s own troops didn’t want to fight this war and even made noises about blowing up their general as an act of defiance. These days, Putin has begun to admit that the war isn’t going as planned, and his propaganda buddies are abandoning him, as are his dwindling allies. Word slipped out that Putin is considering fleeing, should he lose this war, but with booze in hand, Putin talked big. Via CNN:

Speaking after an awards ceremony for “Heroes of Russia,” he addressed the group of soldiers receiving the awards. He said of the [infrastructure] attacks, “yes, we are doing it. But who started it?”

He went on to list a series of events he blames on the Ukrainians: “Who hit the Crimean bridge? Who blew up the power lines from the Kursk nuclear power plant?”

Putin went on to accuse Ukraine of “genocide” on its own people due to a lack of fresh water in the city of Donetsk. However, Ukraine has maintained that Russia cut off the freshwater intakes that lead to Donetsk from the neighboring Kherson province. As Reuters notes, Russia has yet to officially comment on the accusation from municipal water chief Borys Dydenko, but it seems like Putin’s booze-accompanied comments speak volumes.

(Via CNN & Reuters)